Lakeshore Restoration: Erosion Control, Armor Walls, and Rock Revetment

Protecting the shoreline is not just about preserving the beauty of the landscape; it’s about safeguarding your property and the environment. At CK Contractors, we specialize in Lakeshore Restoration, ensuring that the Lake Michigan shoreline remains intact and resilient against the forces of nature.

Specific Services Offered in Lakeshore Restoration

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Why Choose CK Contractors for your Lakeshore Restoration?


Whether you know it as erosion control, armor walls, or rock revetment, our team is skilled in all methods of lakeshore restoration. We tailor our approach based on your property’s needs and the specific challenges presented by the shoreline.


With years of experience along the Lake Michigan shoreline, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of lakeshore properties. Our team is equipped with the knowledge and machinery to handle any project, big or small.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

We prioritize solutions that not only protect your property but also have minimal impact on the environment. Our methods ensure the preservation of natural habitats and marine life.

Personalized Approach

Every shoreline is unique. We conduct thorough site assessments to determine the best restoration method, ensuring long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal

Lakeshore Restoration FAQs

Your Essential Guide

Focus on the big picture of lake health and benefits to the property owner:

Erosion Control: Prevents loss of valuable shoreline, protects structures, and reduces sedimentation in the lake.
Water Quality: Filters runoff, reduces pollutants, decreases algae blooms, providing cleaner water for recreation and wildlife.
Wildlife Habitat: Restores crucial habitat for fish, birds, and beneficial insects, adding biodiversity and beauty.
Property Value: Increases property value and aesthetic appeal through a natural, well-maintained shoreline.
Resilience: Helps your shoreline withstand storms and fluctuating lake levels with adaptable, nature-based solutions.

Break down the steps without becoming overly technical:

Site Assessment: We thoroughly analyze your shoreline’s conditions – erosion severity, soil type, wave energy, existing vegetation, etc.
Custom Design: We develop a plan tailored to your shoreline’s needs, restoration goals, and budget. This may involve native plantings, bioengineering techniques, and possible structural elements.
Permitting: We handle any necessary permits required by local, state, or federal agencies.
Implementation: Our team executes the restoration plan using specialized equipment and eco-friendly practices.
Monitoring and Maintenance: We may provide follow-up monitoring to ensure the restored area thrives and may suggest a maintenance plan.

Answer: Help customers make an informed decision:

Experience: Look for a company that specializes in lakeshore restoration and has experience with similar projects.
Qualifications: Check for certifications, affiliations with reputable organizations, and proper licenses.
Portfolio: Ask to see examples of their past work and before/after photos.
References: Request references from previous clients.
Consultation: Schedule consultations with multiple contractors to compare their expertise and approach.

List out the most visible problems homeowners might be noticing:

Erosion: Receding shoreline, crumbling banks, exposed tree roots.
Overgrowth: Invasive plants crowding out native species, creating a tangled mess.
Water Quality Issues: Frequent algae blooms, murky water, unpleasant odors.
Lack of Wildlife: Decrease in fish, birds, or frogs that used to be common around the lake.
Structural Damage: Undercutting of decks, docks, or other built structures near the shoreline.

Be transparent without scaring away potential customers:

Factors: The cost depends on the size of your shoreline, the severity of issues, the chosen restoration techniques, and any permit costs.
Consultation: We offer free consultations to assess your needs and provide a personalized estimate.
Investment vs. Cost: Frame restoration as a long-term investment in property protection, environmental health, and your enjoyment of the lakeshore.

What Our Clients Say

“I have enjoyed working with the crew at CK Contractors on the Pike River restoration project, phase one, PET’S park here in Kenosha. They are very knowledgeable and efficient, and talk about dedicated… Together we will leave the citizens of Kenosha county a park to be proud of. Thank you Chris and crew.”

— Laverne L.

Lakeshore Restoration Service Areas

Our Lakeshore Restoration services cater to a vast stretch of the Lake Michigan shoreline, covering a multitude of cities and towns that treasure their waterfronts. Here are some of the major locations we serve:

Our Lakeshore Restoration services cater to a vast stretch of the Lake Michigan shoreline, covering a multitude of cities and towns that treasure their waterfronts. Here are some of the major locations we serve:

Pleasant Prairie
Twin Lakes
Salem Lakes
Paddock Lake

Mount Pleasant

Lake Geneva
East Troy
Genoa City

West Allis
Oak Creek

New Berlin
Menomonee Falls

From the historic neighborhoods of De Pere to the scenic harbors of Port Washington, and the vibrant communities of Mequon, our expertise in Lakeshore Restoration is unparalleled. Whether you’re located in a bustling city, a serene lakeside town, or a picturesque village, CK Contractors is committed to ensuring the longevity and beauty of your lakeshore property.